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Rules and Regulations


  1. Students should report daily before 8.30/9.00a.m.
  2. Each pupil is expected to attend the school on all working days.
  3. No students should be absent from school without a leave letter.
  4. In case of illness extending over a week Medical certificate should be produced by the pupil.
  5. Absence from the school assembly or during any period or part of a session is lable for punishment.
  6. A pupil attending school in the first session should not be absent herself for second session without obtained the permission of the Headmistress.
  7. Repeated absence without leave would result in the removal of the name of the pupil from the register.
  8. In case a student gets T.C. after attending school even one day she has to pay the fees for the academic year.
  9. A minimum of 80% attendance is required for promotion to the next higher class.
  10. Students of Std IX &X must attend all the tests and examinations. If a student is absent without any valid reason, it will be viewed seriously. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students absenting themselves.
  11. All the students should learn and recite the school prayer, pleadge and National Anthem.
  12. Parents should see that their children study and do their home work regularly.
  13. Parents are requested to sign in their note books whenever they are required to do so.
  14. Parents are requested to meet the teacher with the permission of the Headmistress between 8.30a.m. & 9.00a.m and between 3.30p.m. & 4.00p.m. to discuss about their children's studies.
  15. No parent is allowed to enter the class room.
  16. Every student is expected to be punctual, smart, honest and modest.
  17. Every student must come to school in the prescribed uniform.
  18. Strict silence should be observed in the Assembly and while dispersing to the classrooms thereafter.
  19. Pupil marching from the class room to playground or to another room should do so in order of silence.
  20. Property of the school should be handled carefully.
  21. The students should not bring money, cell phones and should not wear valuable jewels to school.
  22. Every student should behave properly inside and outside the school and especially in public places.
  23. Any change of address of pupil should be immediately communicated to the class teacher.
  24. Pupils should not leave the school premises during lunch time.
  25. The student's performance in all subject is evaluated throughout the year together with three terminal examinations.
  26. The pass mark in each subject is 40%
  27. Report card when given must be returned within two days duly signed by the parent.